Sotheby's Auction House

We are committed to tradition and equally innovation

Since the founding of the Sotheby’s auction house in 1744, the Sotheby’s name has earned the reputation as a renowned marketer for many of the world’s most valuable and prestigious possessions. There is no more powerful differentiation in your local marketing than the demonstration of the collaboration that exists between our two brands. Leverage in the history and sophistication of our rich heritage by incorporating our unique partnership offerings into your local marketing efforts.

Sotheby’s is the oldest premier auction house in the world.  Sotheby's commenced operations in Australia in 1973 with the single-owner sale of Paintings & Drawings from the Studio of Sir William Dobell.  Sotheby's Australia established offices and opened under licence in Australia in 1983, following the Sotheby's model of holding regular auctions in the areas of Fine Art, Fine Furniture & Decorative Arts, and Jewellery. In 1995 Sotheby's Australia became wholly owned by Sotheby's only to be restructured under a strict licence agreement in 2009. Sotheby's Australia works closely with Sotheby's in repatriating works around the world and assisting in their global operations.

Today Sotheby's Australia Anthony Hurl represents the Adelaide market place, conducts auctions regularly in both  Melbourne and Sydney. Specialist sales include; Australian & International Art, Aboriginal Art, Fine Asian, Australian & European Arts & Design and Jewels. In all of these areas Sotheby's Australia is the premium auction-house within Australia, combining traditional expertise with integrity and inventiveness.

An extraordinary collaboration - Sotheby's Art & Home Magazine

At the heart of our partnership, the Sotheby’s International Realty brand and the Sotheby’s Auction House have entered into a literary collaboration, publishing the magazine, Sotheby’s Magazine | Art & Home.

Published eight times a year, it engages readers with sophisticated content and beautiful images related to the art and real estate worlds. Rich editorial about art, design and extraordinary properties- presented by the venerable brand that is Sotheby’s.

This large format magazine enriches readers with sophisticated content related to the art and real estate world. Sotheby’s Magazine | Art & Home features editorial showcasing Sotheby’s International Realty properties and also includes a property gallery, providing advertising opportunities. 

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